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Meinl Percussion

We are overjoyed to once again be back within the Meinl Percussion family! Nottingham Drum and Guitar Centre has a long history with the Meinl company, stretching back almost 2 decades, and we are delighted to once again be a main dealer for their fantastic range of percussion instruments.

For those who havent ever seen it, the Meinl Percussion catalog is a thing of beauty! A massive range of percussion instruments from around the world, all made to the high standard and quality that you would expect from such a highly regarded manufacturer. If you can bang, strike, shake or whack it, its likely to be in their extensive catalog!

Our Nottingham Drum showroom is now building up stocks, and new products are being added to our website on a daily basis. We've tried to keep our offerings fairly simple, and whilst we have access to the entire catalog we are trying to streamline our stock to bring you the most popular items. A range of Meinl Bongos, Headliner Congas, Shakers and other hand percussion are in stock to represent popular instruments that can be used in all genres of music from rock to pop, and all these products offer fantastic value for money.

For Orchestral percussionists we are stocking the range of Meinl Tambourines, including concert tambourines fitted with hand selected goatskin heads and a selection of jingles to tailor the sound to your performance. We also carry a range of brass triangles and a great selection of toys and effects!

An area of huge growth nowadays is the world of sound healing and music therapy. We have supplied therapists over the years with various instruments, and we are really happy to be involved with the Meinl Sonic Energy Collection. Designed with healing and meditation in mind, this range of percussion instruments is extensive and well designed. Of particular interest are the Meinl Wind Gongs, ranging from 20" to 40", all made in the traditional Chinese style. These are ideal not only for healing and sound baths but also regular musical applications such as brass bands, concert bands and orchestras. For those looking for gentler vibrations, the range of Meinl Singing Bowls is well worthy of consideration.. again these instruments are ideal for sound healing and creating a meditative environment.

These instruments have been used around the world for healing, bringing a sense of calm and inner harmony. Work has been carried out to attune certain frequencies to the Chakras and the bodies internal meridians.

The Sonic Energy collection also caters for those involved in the growing world of drum circles, with a wonderful selection of Meinl Hand Drums, classic frame drums all fitted with goat skin heads featuring a range of eye catching designs from around the world, and also a massive range of Djembe drums. For percussionists looking for a more Middle Eastern flavour, check out the selection of Meinl Darbukas, traditional hand drums in a variety of sizes. Shells may be plain or engraved, and certain models in the range are fitted with jingles, giving an authentic and interesting sound that would fit in in any musical setting.

The team here at Nottingham Drum and Guitar Centre can offer expert advice on any aspect of purchasing percussion instruments to suit your requirements. We believe that the combination of our knowledge and expertise, with the vast range of Meinl Percussion, makes us the first port of call for all percussionists and sound healers. Whether you are looking to supply an orchestra, brass band, drum circle or sound healing studio, we can help! Call us on 0115 8414148


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