Paiste 900 Series 14" China Cymbal

Paiste 900 Series 14" China Cymbal

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The Paiste 900 Series 14" China Cymbal is a great addition to any rock or metal drummers set up. Made from the same Bronze as the top of the range Paiste 2002 cymbals, the new 900 series are built for maximum projection and brilliant tone.

Made at the famous Paiste factory in Nottwil, Switzerland, these amazing cymbals are hand hammered and lathed, then a special process darkens the surface of all 900 series models, giving them a rough yet elegant appearance.

This Paiste 900 Series 14 inch China Cymbal is a medium weight cymbal giving a full bodied, trashy crash effect that would be ideal in most musical situations such as rock, pop, and blues. Great for fast, explosive accents.

The team here at the Nottingham Drum and Guitar Centre are huge fans of these incredible cymbals, and we'd urge you to check out the Paiste 900 Series 14" China Cymbal today!

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