Sabian XSR 22" Monarch Ride Cymbal

Sabian XSR 22" Monarch Ride Cymbal

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Our Sabian XSR 22" Monarch Ride Cymbal offers drummers a vintage sounding cymbal that works well both as a ride and a crash. Its medium thin weight ensure it's responsive at all dynamic ranges, making a versatile cymbal that works in most musical styles.

The tone is bright and natural, giving a well defined stick sound when used as a ride with plenty of wash. Its newly redesigned bell is cutting and bright, and when used as a crash the Sabian XSR Monarch features explosive tone with all the volume you'll need. Made in Canada from Sabian B20 Bronze.

The unfinished appearance of the XSR Monarch series cymbals adds to the vintage appeal, and they certainly wouldnt look out of place in a jazz or blues club, as well as on a rock stage!

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