Puresound Equalizer E1416 14" Snare Wire

Puresound Equalizer E1416 14" Snare Wire

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Our Puresound Equalizer 14" Snare Wires are the ideal choice for drummers looking for a slightly drier, crispier snare drum sound. 

The split strand design of the Puresound E1416 puts 2 strands of 8 snare wires at either side of the heads centre, decreasing the vibration of the wires and producing a drier tone. This also helps prevent unwanted snare buzz caused by vibrations from other instruments.

These wires are to fit 14 inch snare drums.

Nottingham Drum and Guitar Centre are main dealers for the best selling range of Puresound Snare Wires and offer expert advice to help you find the sound you are looking for.

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