Sabian XSR Promotional Cymbal Set with Free 18inch Crash

Sabian XSR Promotional Cymbal Set with Free 18inch Crash

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Our Sabian XSR Perfromance Cymbal Set with Free 18 inch Crash is the cost effective way to add a set of pro quality cymbals to your drum set up. Hi-hats, ride, and a 16" fast crash....and now ships with a FREE 18" fast crash too!

Made in Canada from Sabian B20 Bronze, XSR cymbals undergo an extensive lathing process under the watchful eye of the Sabian Vault team. This well priced boxed set comes complete with essential cymbals for the gigging drummer.

  • Sabian XSR 14" Hi-Hats (Pair)
  • Sabian XSR 16" Fast Crash
  • Sabian XSR 20" Ride
  • FREE Sabian 18" Fast Crash

Quality control is enforced every step of the way and no XSR cymbal leaves the factory until it has been checked twice by the exacting ears of the Sabian cymbal smiths.

Finally, these fantastic cymbals are buffed to a brilliant finish, making them look every inch as good as they sound. Great for virtually all styles of music, the Sabian cymbal performance set is the ideal general purpose cymbal package.

Head over to Nottingham Drum and Guitar Centre and let your ears decide! We highly recommend the Sabian XSR Performance Set

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