Meinl Sonic Energy Singing Bowls Chakra Set SB-SET-CHA

Meinl Sonic Energy Singing Bowls Chakra Set SB-SET-CHA

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Our Meinl Sonic Energy Singing Bowls Chakra Set SB-SET-CHA is designed for sound healers looking for a complete set of singing bowls for therapeutic use. This set of 7 bowls correspond to the Chakras, the bodies energy centres, making it the complete vibrational sound healing package.

The Chakra Set comprises of the following -

  • 1x SB-C-250 Singing Bowl (Crown Chakra)
  • 1x SB-E-700 Singing Bowl (Brow Chakra)
  • 1x SB-E-1000 Singing Bowl (Throat Chakra)
  • 1x SB-E-1400 Singing Bowl (Heart Chakra)
  • 1x SB-C-1500 Singing Bowl (Navel Chakra)
  • 1x SB-E-1800 Singing Bowl (Sacral Chakra)
  • 1x SB-E-2200 Singing Bowl (Root Chakra)
All Meinl Singing Bowls are supplied with protective pouches and also felt cushion rings. The Chakra Set also comes with a comprehensive selection of beaters and mallets.

Meinl Singing Bowls are widely used for meditation, yoga, healing, and musical situations.  Handcrafted in India from a special bronze alloy, selected for its sonic properties, they produce a clear tone with a long sustain, making them ideal for sound therapy.

Nottingham Drum and Guitar centre are main UK dealers for Meinl Sonic Energy percussion, and we highly recommend the Meinl Sonic Energy Singing Bowls.
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