Meinl Planetary Tuned Energy Chime Chakra Set

Meinl Planetary Tuned Energy Chime Chakra Set

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Our Meinl Planetary Tuned Energy Chime Chakra Set  is ideal as an aid to meditation or sound healing. 

Meinl Planetary Tuned energy chimes are part of the Meinl Sonic Energy collection, and are tuned according to the cosmic octave calculations of Hans Cousto to match the frequencies of the sun, moon and planets. Each energy chime is tuned to produce the corresponding frequency of the celestial body, making them ideal for sound healing and therapeutic use.

The Meinl EC-SET-CHA-7 comes complete with 7 chimes to correspond to the Chakras -

  • EC-E-PL Platonic Year Chime  F7 (2752.96 Hz) - Crown Chakra
  • EC-V Venus Chime  A7 (3539.68 Hz) - Brow Chakra
  • EC-ME Mercury Chime  C7# (2260.32 Hz) - Throat Chakra
  • EC-E Earth Chime  C7# (2177.60 Hz) - Heart Chakra
  • EC-S Sun Chime  B6 (2019.52 Hz) - Navel Chakra
  • EC-M-SY Synodic Moon Chime  G7# (3366.72 Hz) - Sacral Chakra
  • EC-E-SY Synodic Day Chime  G7 (3106.88 Hz) - Root Chakra   

Each Sonic Energy Chime bar is mounted onto a wooden base and comes complete with a wooden beater. Made from silver anodized aluminium alloy, and exactly fine tuned by master craftsmen.

As main UK dealers for Meinl Sonic Energy Chimes, we highly recommend the Meinl Planetary Tuned Energy Chime Chakra Set EC-SET-CHA-7

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