Meinl Wind Gong 26" Yin and Yang

Meinl Wind Gong 26" Yin and Yang

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Our 26" Meinl Wind Gong Yin and Yang WGYY26 is a very versatile instrument that has been hand crafted in the traditional Chinese manner. Also known as Feng or Sun Gongs, these incredible sounding instruments from Meinls Sonic Energy collection have a wide range of uses, from music performance to sound healing and music therapy.

The design of these wind gongs produces low pitched tones that really open up as you strike them harder, with a beautiful collection of complex overtones. This model features the famous yin and yang symbol, representing harmony and balance.

Supplied complete with a cover and a beater, these gongs can be hand held or mounted upon an optional stand (not included). 

Nottingham Drum and Guitar centre are main dealers for Meinl Sonic Energy percussion and offer expert advice to help you choose the right instrument.