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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a first drumkit
We appreciate that buying a musical instrument can be daunting for the first time buyer... theres so many options, brands, sizes etc. We hope you will find the following helpful..

STARTER KITS (£269 Upwards) Generally, most drumkits are supplied without cymbals, as the manufacturers of drums dont make cymbals and vice-versa. However, starter kits do tend to come complete (ie drums, stands, cymbals etc). Most beginners tend to go for one of our complete starter drumkits such as the Mapex Tornado. These beginners drumkits are supplied with everything you need...5 drums, cymbals, all the required stands and pedals, stool and drumsticks. So, if you purchase one of these kits, you can be sure that once you have set it up at home, you can get drumming pretty much straight away. We do supply these kits with a diagram, showing you how to set up your new drumkit, and of course a pair of those all-important drumsticks!! Having looked at the whole market of starter kits, we decided that the Mapex Tornado drumset offered by far the best value for money. We would urge caution if looking at some of the cheaper kits available online...they may look great in the photos but our experience is of very poor quality fittings and hardware,and they are best avoided. With the Mapex Tornado drumkit you can be sure that you are getting a decent quality kit with a proven track record, made by one of the biggest names in the business.

SIZES Most kits are available in various sizes.The most popular are....
20" FUSION = 20" bass drum,10" & 12" tom toms,14" floor tom and 14" snare drum
22" FUSION = 22" bass drum,10" & 12" tom toms,14" floor tom and 14" snare drum
22" ROCK= 22" bass drum, 12" & 13" tom toms,16" floor tom and 14" snare drum
AMERICAN FUSION (or ROCK FUSION) = 22" bass drum,10" & 12" tom toms,16" floor tom and 14" snare drum

There are other sizes too, but the above are by far the most common.
With starter kits, the choice tends to be 20" Fusion or 22" Rock.
The 20" fusion is very popular with smaller players as the drums are able to be set up a little lower and closer together (and can be managed by drummers from about age 8yrs). This size of kit is also very popular with adults, especially those playing Jazz/Fusion.

MID-RANGE KITS (£459-£749)
Generally speaking, drumkits in this price range with be supplied as the drums plus hardware (cymbal stands, pedals etc) but in most cases without cymbals. Such drumkits will be made to a very high specification using good quality shells made from either Birch or Maple. Birch tends to have a little more attack and projection, whilst Maple is favoured for its warm, rounded tone. The shells will usually be finished in lacquer as opposed to plastic wraps, and there will be a bigger choice of finishes and sizes. Fittings such as nutboxes, tom arms etc will be extremely well finished in chrome,and any hardware supplied will be of sturdy construction and able to withstand the rigours of regular gigging.

Drumkits in this category will normally be supplied as shell packs or as individual drums (ie not supplied with snare drum or any hardware or cymbals). This gives you the biggest choice and enables you to tailor a drumkit to fit your exact requirements. There will be a huge choice of shell depths and diameters, as well as materials (Birch, Maple and Bubinga being the popular options).

As with drums, there is a huge choice of cymbal brands, types, sizes etc. Unlike a drum where careful tuning can make the difference between a good sound and a poor one, cymbals are pretty fixed, so try and buy the best cymbals that you can afford...its money well spent and if looked after a good set of cymbals will last a lifetime. Its important to get the right cymbal for the job....if you are a hard hitting heavy rock drummer, go for heavier/thicker cymbals. If you are playing quieter music such as jazz, go for a thinner, more expressive cymbal. For general purpose playing, a medium weight set would be ideal, starting with a pair of 14" hihats, 16" crash and a 20" ride. We sell great value boxed sets, and they make a great foundation. Extra cymbals can be added as you progress, maybe an 18" crash, 10" splash etc...all these can be added at a later date to add more sounds to your kit. For beginners, we recommend Cymbals such as Paiste 101 / PST3, and for those wishing to upgrade take a look at Sabian B8 / XS20 or Paiste PST5 / Alpha. We also stock a huge selection of Pro quality cymbals such as Sabian AA / HH / AAX, Paiste 2002 and Zildjian A / K / Custom

Drumkits can be silenced if noise is an issue....we sell drum silencer pad sets, neoprene discs that simply sit on top of the drums and cymbals and quieten them down. These are a great buy and enable you to practice at anytime of day.

Electronic kits?
In recent years there has been a big move towards electronic drumkits, especially for those wanting a kit to practice on at home. One of the main reasons is volume..or the lack of it! Electric kits have a big advantage for home use in that they can be used with headphones, so the player can hear all the drum sounds but the rest of the household cant! Some electronic kits are also very good at fitting into a small space. For home use we recommend something like the Roland TD-1K, a great electronic drum set at an affordable price that feels great and sounds fantastic! These also take up little space in the home.

Buying a first Guitar
Again, we aim to help those looking at buying their first guitar, and ask that you take heed of the following information.

ACOUSTIC OR ELECTRIC? Your choice here will depend on the style of music you want to play, as well as some of the following points. Acoustic guitars are ideal to just pick up and play whenever you feel like need to plug into an amplifier, so can be easily taken out and about. Used nowdays in virtually all styles of music. Electric guitars can be a little easier to play than acoustics, as the strings are thinner and nearer to the fretboard. They do require a few well as the electric guitar itself you will require an amplifier, and a cable to connect the two together. The amplifier can make a big difference to the sound, and will usually have effects such as distortion for a Rock style sound. Many amps also allow the use of headphones, so you can practice at home without disrupting the other residents.

We sell a few package deals for both acoustic and electric guitars... these offer great value for money and mean that you know you have got all the bits and pieces that you need. The acoustic packs generally come with the guitar itself, a gigbag for transporting it, electric tuner, strap and plectrums. Electric packs usually comprise of the electric guitar, amplifier, gigbag, electronic tuner, strap and the leads / cables required. Please see our website listing for further details and prices on these packages.

ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC We sell a massive range of electro-acoustic guitars.... acoustic guitars with pickups so they can be played either acoustically or plugged into an amp for more volume. In particular, take a look at our Washburn models and Fender CD60CE / T300CE and Sonoran models.

Looking to upgrade your guitar?
We have a huge selection of mid and top end acoustic and electric guitars by famous brands such as Fender, Ibanez and Yamaha, plus masses of effects processors, amplifiers and accessories. If you dont see the product that you are looking for on our website, please call the sales team on 0115 8414148.

Electronics - we also carry a huge amount of guitar amplification from major brands such as VOX and Fender, and also a large selection of guitar effects and signal processors from Boss. Our experienced staff can help you find the sound you are looking for!

Buying online and delivery
Drum and Guitar use a secure server for all credit card transactions, and do not hold customers details. If you would prefer to pay over the phone please call our team on 0115 8414148 with your credit card details to hand. Goods are sent via Royal Mail or by 24 hour courier to your registered credit card address. Courier deliveries may occur between the hours of 9am and 5pm, and we are unable to specify an exact time.. we are unable to dictate times to the couriers. If you are out when they arrive they will leave a card, giving the contact details of your local can call them and re-arrange delivery. Please see "Terms and Conditions" page for details on returning items etc. We also offer PayPal as a payment method.

Why Should I buy from Drum and Guitar?
We would like to think there are various good reasons to do so!! Firstly, in this age of internet retailers setting up and looking to make a quick buck, we are a long established limited company with a huge "bricks and mortar" showroom that you are more than welcome to visit. This Store and its offices are staffed between 10am and 5pm and we are only a phone call away if you need any advice or have any problems. Our staff are our greatest asset and will do all they can to help you. They come from many different musical backgrounds, from rock bands to military bands to recording engineers, and have a wealth of knowledge and many years experience, be it playing guitar at a festival or marching across Horse Guards Parade!  You will get sound advice when selecting your new instrument from a sales team made up of musicians. As regards our prices, we believe that we are among the most competitive in the UK. Finally, we take customer satisfaction very seriously and will do all that we can to ensure that you are happy with your purchase. We welcome feedback, and you can send your views to the directors at

We have a long and ongoing involvement with Music Tuition in the Nottinghamshire area, and have our own tuition studios where you can learn guitar, bass, drums and percussion -

Visiting the store - Where to Park
For loading, you can park right outside the front door... If however you wish to visit us and browse, the nearest car park is NCP Stoney Street NG1 1LS, just a 4 minute walk away.

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