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Repair & Tuning Service

Nottingham Drum and Guitar Centre offer a setup and repair service for both guitars and drums, ensuring that your instrument will be in its peak condition and sounding as good as it can. Turnaround is often same day, so call us on 0115 8414148 to book.

Below is a basic overview of our main repair services.


Our electric guitar setup service is ideal for instruments that dont have any major issues but could benefit from new strings, a bit of an overhaul, and some TLC!

The setup costs £30 and includes...
  • Restringing with new strings (your choice of gauge, D'addario or Ernie Ball strings)
  • Lemon Oil fretboard treatment
  • Intonation correction
  • Action adjustment 
Any other issues that the guitar has will be noted, and a price given for any further work that may be required.


We offer a restringing service for acoustic guitars (either metal or nylon strung), and the price of £15 includes new strings and a lemon oil fretboard treatment.

Please call the team on 0115 8414148 details of our other repair services including fitting new machine heads, soldering, etc.


We also offer a wide range of drum repairs including re-heading and tuning drums. Maybe you have a snare drum that sounds a bit lifeless, or you want an entire drumkit re-heading and tuning.. Please contact us for further information.

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